I waited for him to go out so that I could talk to someone. I waited for him to go out but he never did.
When at last I could, I didn't want to make the call in front of my children. This has happened numerous times.
Then he came back home one day and, what I never imagined would happen, happened. By then it was too late.
In certain situations, it all happens in a flash.

MARTA C. - Savona


The NONPOSSOPARLARE application was created to counter the risk of domestic violence. This is a project developed for women who want to receive information and support from Domestic Abuse Centres discreetly. It is intended for those who find it difficult to communicate by phone, or who are forced to stay at home by their psychologically or physically violent partners. The NONOPOSSOPARLARE chatbot makes it possible to respond effectively to an unlimited number of people at the same time, provides users with support 24/7, anonymously and without leaving a trace.

A survey conducted in ten Domestic Abuse Centres found that there had been a reduction in phone calls to help lines of up to 90%, a percentage that varied according to the region. This led operators to believe that the risk of making a call is very high. According to the World Health Organization, the necessity of having to stay at home has
tripled cases of violence against women. The data, based on an earlier report by Axios, made us reflect on the negative consequences of the lockdown. Security measures, psycho-social support, and help-line services are some of the tools essential for protecting the victims of abuse (source: AGI).

According to the United Nations, the pandemic will have several adverse effects on women, including a risk of increased exposure to domestic violence. In this situation, enforced coexistence can increase the risk for women who are victims of gender-based violence. The United Nations has also said that staying at home and constantly sharing space with their attackers will not be the safest option for many women and may create the circumstances in which their safety is further compromised.

In order to counter this risk, Save the Woman Association, created the NONPOSSOPARLARE application, a free digital solution for women who want to receive information about the domestic abuse services available, in a discreet way. It is intended for those who find it difficult to communicate by phone, or who are forced to stay at home by their psychologically or physically violent partners.
The project, divided into several phases running over the next two years, is aimed at those who are reluctant to talk to an operator, who can only get in touch at certain times of day, after working hours, when the operators of the domestic abuse help-lines are not available, or for those who don't speak Italian. This high level of accessibility will make the tool useful,
even after the immediate threat has passed.

NONPOSSOPARLARE is an application created by Save the Woman Association and developed by SPX Lab, experts in the User Experience and social solutions, and has been developed with the support of Dotvocal, experts in CHATBOT algorithms, and with the advice of technicians operating in social services, in particular the Pandora and Insieme Senza Violenza (Together without Violence) Domestic Abuse Centres, the AGORÀ Social Cooperative, and numerous other professionals from the sectors that made up the Scientific Committee.

NONPOSSOPARLARE was born from the idea that technology, if properly designed, can and should meet people's needs. The heart of the project is a CHATBOT that responds in a natural manner to the most important questions and is always available. You can access it at the most appropriate time for answers to the questions that concern you most and receive immediate support.
You can connect directly to one of the Domestic Abuse Centres or Cooperatives using the
CHATBOT, as well as from this Save The Woman site. A CHATBOT works like a normal chat app. There is no real person to interact with the woman asking for help, but an automated system, that has been trained by experts in the
social sector.
Specifically, NONOPOSSOPARLARE allows you to respond effectively to an unlimited number of people at the same time and provides users with support 24/7, while leaving no trace on your smartphone or computer, and records important statistics on the number and behaviour of the women using it, in complete privacy.

NONPOSSOPARLARE has been designed following advice from the voluntary sector, digital
and usability experts, and psychologists and legal consultants, to provide a simple, discreet,
and useful solution, in accordance with the following principles of the User Experience:

1. It is completely anonymous and leaves no trace.
2. It can respond effectively to an unlimited number of people simultaneously.
3. It provides users with 24/7 support.
4. It has an instant response time.
5. It pursues its objectives based on information it receives (it is built and updated based on
actual user experience).
6. It records important statistics on the number of people who use it and their behaviour.
7. It can be integrated into any website.
8. It is multilingual and multicultural.

Your support gives us the resources to implement and distribute the NONPOSSOPARLARE
chatbot as widely as possible.
In the first phase, donations will be used for the development of the application, integration
into the host sites, management, scientific monitoring, distribution, and promotion across the
most appropriate communication channels.
The second phase involves making the tool available to all women at risk. It will be translated into different languages, with the necessary intercultural mediation, to make it accessible and easy for everyone to use. It is a fact that thousands of foreign women in our cities live in isolation from the rest of society, which can be due to language and cultural barriers.
The project aims to overcome these obstacles to reach out to them too.
The group of experts involved in the project includes those with experience in digital
development, social workers, and psychologists, who interact with women who have been
abused or are at risk on a daily basis.

: Massimiliano Margarone
President of Save the Woman Association: Rosella Scalone

Dotvocal: Paolo Carossino, Enrico Reboscio
Mignanego Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus - Centro Pandora: Paola Campi, Benedetta
Agorà soc. coop. sociale: Simona Binello, Alessandra Grasso
Cooperativa Jobel - Insieme Senza Violenza di Imperia: Martina Gandolfo
Roberta Rota, Clinical Pedagogist
Laura Amoretti, Equality Adviser for the Liguria Region
Costanza Pireri, Assessore ai Servizi Sociali (Councillor for Social Services) for Sanremo


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