July 29th 2020

Free registrations are open for the new WOMAN ONLIVE episode of July 29th


Investing in territories, in innovation and in people is the real lever for change in the country. During the episode we will talk about change, resilience and the struggle for progress and social transformation with great guests.
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 Septembre 4th 2020

#nonsmettiamodisognare: female solidarity and initiatives against gender based violence


On September 16th we will be at the Capitular Library of Verona for the official presentation of the #nonsmettiamodisognare project: collaboration between #NONPOSSOPARLARE, Club Juliet and Fenix Italian Experience. The initiative is a halfway meeting between CSR, the fight against domestic violence, collaborations between different territories and female entrepreneurship.

September 9th 2020

About us: #NONPOSSOPARLARE on La Stampa Savona


Alessia Cotta Ramusino, the artist who participated in our Woman Onlive live streaming, mentioned the Save the Woman project and in particular the #NONPOSSOPARLARE tool in an the interview on La Stampa Savona.
Alessia Cotta Ramusino told about our project during the flashmob #100donnevestitedirosso of which she is the main organizer: a peaceful demonstration sponsored by the UN to raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence, an initiative that we support and promote.

September 15th 2020

WOMAN ONLIVE starts again


Register here for free for the new WOMAN ONLIVE event. Focus of next friday's appointement is the "WELL-BEING WOMAN", many guests and many new ideas.

September 18th 2020

NONPOSSOPARLARE on La Stampa, interview with Rosella Scalone


You can read here the full article

May 17th 2020



GENOVATODAY talks about domestic violence issue and how the situation of risk of domestic violence has drastically increased in this period of lockdow: the NONPOSSOPARLARE chatbot was created to allow women to have assistance without talking on the phone.
Read the whole article here.

May 27th 2020

The second appointment with the GoDrink aperitif


On Thursday the GoDrink event, "Raise a glass for NONPOSSOPARLARE" was repeated in favor of our NONPOSSOPARLARE crowdfunding campaign.
We thank those who participated in the initiative, this contribution will help us to spread our chatbot and in the future to make it multilingual to guarantee free access to as many women as possible: this is our great goal.

June 7th 2020

The NONPOSSOPARLARE Chatbot is online


We have reached a beautiful goal: the NONPOSSOPARLARE chatbot is now active on the website of the Pandora Anti-Violence Center of the Mignanego Social Cooperative and will soon be active for the Alda Merini center in Albisola.
The pilot phase foresees the collaboration with centers and associations in the Ligurian territory, but we want to reach more and more cooperatives and centers to spread the initiative and help all women in difficulty.

June 18th 2020

The first WOMAN ONLIVE event


WOMAN ONLIVE, the format created to tell the innovation of the chatbot in support of victims of domestic violence, aired on the social channels Save The Woman was broadcast last Thursday.
The events are led by Rosella Scalone, founder of NONPOSSOPARLARE and Alessandra Grasso, moderator and communication expert Agorà Coop. During this first episode there were interventions on the subject by the actor Roberto Bani, Paola Campi of the Cooperativa Sociale Minianego and Simona Binello of Agorà Coop.
The entire video can be found on the You Tube channel.

June 20th 2020

Registration open for the second episode WOMAN ONLIVE


June 25th at 5pm will take place the second live meeting WOMAN ONLIVE, book your participation at this link.
We are waiting for you to talk about social innovation with our industry experts.

June 24th 2020

The Franco Tassone cultural association adheres to the NPP project


We thank Daniela Tessore and the entire association for their contribution that will help us reach our goal: for more information on the initiative click here.

June 25th 2020

NPP obtains the patronage of the Municipality of Albenga


NONPOSSOPARLARE obtains the patronage of the Municipality of Albenga, which has chosen to join and support our project.
Our network of supporters grows to testify the importance of an immediate and safe response to counter the increase in cases of domestic violence.

June 29th 2020

The new WOMAN ONLIVE event will be held on July 2nd


The third WOMAN ONLIVE meeting will be held on July 2nd, free tickets are available on Eventbrite.
During the talk we will meet live with the women who contributed to the NONPOSSOPARLARE project, to tell the meaning of female strength.

June 30th 2020

Rossella Sobrero talks about NONPOSSOPARLARE project


We thank Rosella Sobrero, President Koinètica and President of FERPI, for the article from her blog where she talks about the NONPOSSOPARLARE project, as a synergy tool between different sectors of expertise and as a technological innovation at the service of society.

July 1th 2020

July 9th: the new WOMAN ONLIVE event, "Social innovation is glamorous"


Register here for the free live event on July 9th, at 5pm.
During the live we will discuss with women from the fashion and journalism sector, to talk about the NONPOSSOPARLARE project, the fight against domestic violence and female perception over time, beyond the image.

July 10th 2020

July 17th, sign up for a new appointment with WOMAN ONLIVE


This Thursday we will talk about the importance of solidarity and social responsibility on issues such as gender-based violence and domestic violence. Sign up here now.

July 17th 2020

Manuel Sericano, General Manager of Agorà Coop, talks about the NPP chatbot


During the Genoese meeting of the CSR and Social Innovation Fair, Manuel Sericano, General Manager of Agorà Cooperativa Sociale, spoke to talk about the NPP chatbot. You can listen to his speech here (at 1:11:00).
Special thanks to the EticLab organizers.

February 7th 2020

The presentation of STW at the Lions Club Savona conference


On February 7th, the National day against bullying and cyberbullying, was held the conference dedicated to the topic and organized by Lions Clubs International District 108Ia3 of Savona. Rosella Scalone, project leader of the SAVE THE WOMAN project, intervened to talk about the initiative and to raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence.

February 8th 2020

The release of the new STW site


The new STW website is online, describing the project, how it works and above all why support us.
It will help us to make STW known and disseminate our goals so that this application is as soon as possible and free for all women in difficulty.

March 8th 2020

The "A selfie to support STW" campaign is now online


Throughout the month of March, launched on the occasion of Women's Day, the #SAVETHEWOMAN campaign will be active, to say NO to gender-based violence with a selfie and support our application.

April 10th 2020

The NONPOSSOPARLARE project is born


The digital project NPP was conceived by Rosella Scalone, to help women victims of domestic violence, especially during this delicate moment of lockdown.

We want to be the voice of women who cannot ask for help, either because of their partner's control or fear of the consequences.

April 20th 2020

RADIO BABBOLEO interviews Rosella Scalone


Radio BABBOLEO talks about the NONPOSSOPARLARE project and interviews Rosella Scalone, creator of the project.
Click here to listen to the whole interview.

April 20th 2020



Daniela Borghi from LA STAMPA talks about NONPOSSOPARLARE, the chatbot able to report abuse and give support to those women who cannot call and ask for help.
To read the entire article, click here.

April 27th 2020

TGCOM24 talks about the NONPOSSOPARLARE project


Francesca Lovatelli, journalist for TG COM 24, interviewed Rosella Scalone to talk about the NONPOSSOPARLARE project that was born "from a woman for all women in difficulty". Read the full article here.

April 27th 2020

NONPOSSOPARLARE crowdfunding campaign is online


NONPOSSOPARLARE crowdfunding is active for fundraising in support of our project. The lockdown given by the COVID19 emergency has closed many women at home in situations of difficulty and abusing relationships.
Support us in the development of this tool, also from a multilingual perspective, so that we can manage to never actually support and never leave any woman alone.

April 28th 2020

The interview with Rosella Scalone on ZenaZone


During the interview at ZenaZone magazine, Rosella Scalone tells how the NPP chatbot against violence against women was born in Genoa, for women who can not ask for help and report violence during the lockdown.
Listen to the entire interview here.

April 30th 2020



FERPI interviews Rosella Scalone, to talk about the NONPOSSOPARLARE Chatbot, a tool against domestic violence.
Read the entire article here.

May 8th 2020



AL FEMMINIILE talks about us in their online magazine.. Read the full article here.

May 14th 2020

"Raise a glass for NONPOSSOPARLARE"


GoDrink, the community of enthusiasts that organizes themed toasts and online aperitif, launches the online event "Raise a glass for NONPOSSOPARLARE", a virtual aperitif with the aim of helping us get closer to the goal of our fundraising.

Thanks to all those who participated and especially to its creator, Maurizio Gullotti of GoDrink.


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